Goal Setting and Actually Achieving The Goal

I’m sure we’re all guilty here of setting reasonable goals for ourselves and we fall off task, we lost sight of the prize and we fell on our nose. We can’t stop because something got in our way, or we stopped fighting daily for what we we’re trying to achieve! There are way to be successful with your Goal Setting and Actually Achieving The Goal!

1- we can’t change our habits overnight

Make it clear in your mind what it is that you want and give yourself reasonable time frame to actually meet the goal. Making changes to our lives in order to accomplish our goals is the challenge, we can’t change our habits overnight, but we can work extra hard towards our dreams everyday in order to be successful.

 2. Set up a plan for yourself

Set up a plan for yourself, something simple that you are able to work towards everyday. Don’t set yourself up for failure – do not put too much on your plate as this leads to failure. When we make small positive steps everyday towards what we are working for, the outcome will be success! Make a plan, stick with it and watch your dream become a reality!

3. prioritize the actions you need to take

When working your plan, prioritize the actions you need to take.  Actions must be aligned with your desired goal in mind. When we learn to be proactive towards what we are trying to achieve or accomplish, this will help you make positive strides towards your goal. When you learn to stick to your plan and continue to prioritize you daily activities around the plan, you begin to notice significant progress towards your goal! This is very rewarding!

4. Make adjustments

Every week, you need to check in with yourself to make sure you’re still on track. This is also a time to make necessary changes to your plan as well as review your progress. During this time, make adjustments to your plan so that you are successful. If you’ve noticed throughout the week there were times when you deviated away from your plan, ask what you could of done different? It is important that we notice our faults and find ways to work around them so we continue to follow our path towards our desired goal. Anything we want in life, regardless of what it is; with the right mindset and determination, we can achieve victory. It is all about staying true to ourselves and keeping our eye on the prize! If we fall off track, it’s okay! We’re human and we make mistakes – this is how we learn! Just dust yourself off and get back on track as soon as possible! When you do fall, notice it, don’t stay down long, get back up and keep going! You’ve got this!

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