Golden Retriever, Lucy Wins The Front Seat Over Her Owner

Carissa and Jacob just adore their Golden Retriever, Lucy. This dog will crack you up when you see this video.

Not only does she insist on riding shotgun, she also puts the charm on Jacob making him hold her hand while she got to ride in the front seat!

It appears that Lucy is trying her hardest to prove to Carissa that “I won over your husband!” It is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Lucy even glances back at Carissa with the best expression ever like “ha ha” I got you and Carissa bursts out with laughter



As Jacob continues to drive Lucy continues to paw at him because she insists he holds her hand, as if she was his “date!”

This video has stampeded social media and leaves viewers in awe that this smart Golden Retriever knew exactly what she was doing and

exactly how to get her way! Have you ever seen anything like this? Truly this isn’t something we see everyday!