Granny and Her Dog are Having an Amazing Time!

If you’ve ever owned a dog, you know they become your best friend. Having a dog as a companion has played a very important role in many people’s lives. There are even dogs that sacrificed their own lives for the sake of their master. Typically dogs bring great joy to many families.


The viral video attached of this dancing dog with this Granny has captured the attention of the world. It shows how a dog can bring so much happiness to a human being. This video has flooded Facebook with over 800 thousand shares and nearly 400 thousand reactions. This dog is like a dancing pro, and just looks at the happiness written all over granny’s face, this is truly priceless!

This video shows that animals are great companions, even for the elderly, they truly are the best companions. We have witnessed many elderly people treating animal just as they are their family, they find delight in caring for them, and amazingly, in return the dogs take care of their elders too! Dogs for sure ease the loneliness that many aging people feel. Dogs are known to be people pleasers, so what we give to them, they give the love and attention back to us; just like us humans, dogs have feelings and emotions too. Dogs are known to communicate through their actions. For instance, in this video, the dog senses the need for its master to be happy. So to fulfill that need for happiness, this pup dances like a human being.

For all those touched by the love shared in this video, share with your elders, show them the true love of a human and dog companionship. This will just melt your heart!

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