What Happened When I Pretended My Marriage Was The Best Ever?

Marriage needs a lot of compromise. It is normal for two married people to have their ups and downs, but when problems persist for a longer period of time they need to ask themselves if their marriage is worth saving. Sometimes you just need to do small changes to make things work again.

This article is a confession of a woman who had come to the realization that her marriage was falling apart.

She was done with fighting over stupid things, done with looking with regret to her wedding ring, done with the feeling that her husband doesn’t even like her, done with feeling like a complete failure.

As close as she was to giving up hope, she was sure that there must be a way to work things out. After all they were the parents to the sweetest baby and she was determined to save her marriage. How? By transforming it to the marriage she once enjoyed.

Many times a day, she asked herself, “What would I do if we had the best marriage ever?”

She started greeting him when he was coming back from work, giving him a yummy kiss. She asked herself the same question before she wanted to tell him something, before planning dinner, before having sex, before complaining about the things he did wrong (leaving a mess in the kitchen, leaving the toilet lid up etc. )

She would never forget the surprise on his face when he saw how happy she was to see him or how she never got annoyed like before.

Her experiment started working and she started noticing the results.

It took exactly one day to move from nearly ready to divorce, to feeling like we might just be building the best marriage ever”.

These are her tips on how to conduct this experiment (Quotes):

  1. How IMPORTANT is this to you?If what’s happening now is not in alignment with your desire for life, what’s the potential difference in making the effort to effect change?
  2. Clarify to yourself what it is you’re hoping to resolve or do as a result of your experiment.
  3. Move forward under the full and gutsy ASSUMPTION that you can have whatever you want.And then act like you already do.
  4. Practice PERSEVERANCEby committing yourself full on for whatever period of time you think is worth it. (This won’t stick for me either if I don’t keep it up!)
  5. Finally, RELEASE attachment and know that however it works out can be for your highest good.

These tips actually can be applied to nearly anything in life. It’s up to us whether we will apply them or not.

You have Nothing to lose!




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