Heartbroken dog runs away from home, but one day owner’s son decides to follow him

We all know how sad it is to lose a member of your family, even your fur babies.  Dogs, like humans, also grieve for the loss of their owners.  A little dog named Cesur, is a prime example of loyalty and devotion to his owner.

Mehmet Ilhan was the owner of Cesur for two years.  The two were devoted to each other, even though Mehmet had suffered an illness that left him paralyzed.  The two were companions even after the end.

Mehmet died in the winter of 2017 from his struggling health in a hospital in Turkey.  Cesur was left with Mehmet’s son Ali.  Cesur’s heart was broken.

“Because of my father’s paralysis, they had a different kind of connection,” Mehmet’s son Ali told The Dodo. “When my father was in the hospital during his last days, Cesur stopped eating.”

Mehmet’s body was returned for funeral preparations and Cesur stayed by his side the entire time.  He led the funeral procession and attended the funeral, all the while standing next to Mehment’s coffin with his head hanging down.

“Nobody could touch him until my father was taken to the grave and was buried,” said Ali.

Cesur also witnessed the moment when his owner was buried.

Even though Cesur lives with his owner’s son Ali, he is still missing Mehmet.  Ali noticed that every day when he’d leave for work, Cesur would run outside and take off.  One day Ali decided to follow him on his daily journey.

Ali found that Cesur was going to the cemetery every day to visit his owner at his grave.

“The people who work in the cemetery say the first thing he does in the morning is visit the grave of my father,” said Ali.

Cesur is lucky to be given to Mehmet’s son who also loved him dearly.  He will always be taken care of and in good hands.

“Cesur has always been a noble animal,” said Ali. “He will live with me from now on.”