Heartwarming Joy Overflows This Little Girls Heart With News She’s Being Adopted

Family is so important to all of us, it is the life long bond that ties us together, and it is our strength and our backbone.

For many who have been adopted, the questions always linger in their minds what their birth families are like, what is their history?

More often than not, these questions start to arise during the teenage years; during self discovery of whom they are and where they come from.

There are several factors as to why birth parents put their children up for adoption, many reasons are simply that they are unable to provide

and offer the child what they are deserving of. For parents, this is a difficult process, however they want what is best for the child.

When the adoptive parents accept this child as their own, it is a beautiful transition of love, open arms, a forever home with parents who accept

them as their own. This video is simply a beautiful outpouring of love between adoptive parents and the welcoming of their daughter.

This little girl has been praying she would be adopted, and her prayers have been answered and this treasure was filmed to share in the joy of

this families love for one another.

Not only are these parents adopting this precious little girl, they are also adopting her sister and brother. This special gift was presented to this

angel on her birthday, what a heartwarming gift for this precious little girl. These kids have lived in foster care for the past 3 years, now they

are certain to have a loving home with parents who will hold them in their arms forever and guide them throughout their lives.

Paige Zeulka, the adoptive mother explains how beautiful adoption is and to be able to keep these siblings together and become their adoptive

has filled our hearts with joy for many years to come.