Hero of a Tender Age, Leah Carroll, the 4-year-old girl inspiring the world

Severe Congenital neutropenia is not a disease you’d like to have associated with a baby, but unfortunately this has been Leah’s struggle.

This disease causes its victims to be prone to recurrent infections and have severe inflammation. Due to the lack of a particular kind of white blood cell,

the person affected leads a life of life threatening infections, often one after the next.
Leah is only five years old but her life has been full of doctors and hospital stays that have added up to almost an entire year of this child’s life.

Twenty percent of her life being spent hospitalized is a parent’s nightmare; however, this little hero keeps beating the odds and winning at life.

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People live their lives mindless of the unfortunate plight of babies like Leah. We take for granted that we are walking, breathing, and living

examples of a society that has so much at our finger tips. Leah gives a new light to the phrase live each day to the fullest. In her short five years

on this planet she has had two blood transfusions and many hospital stays. Her body struggles but not her spirit. She sits in her hospital bed,

big brown eyes, round, chubby cheeks, and a tube coming out of her nose. She smiles when the music comes on and automatically starts rejoicing in it.

She lights up the entire room with her smile and she starts dancing with her arms flailing and body wriggling. Then she sings. She knows all the

worlds and she belts them out with the confidence of Beyonce.
Let’s think of Leah when we are having a bad day. When we are in a hurry and feeling like the world is against is, let us remember this baby girl who

has been in a struggle to live her whole life, all five years of it. Let us be happy for our blessings and for our daily inspirations, like Leah, she is my inspiration.

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