How Do Men Fall In Love? The Ten Stages of Love

For many women, the hardest thing for them is to figure out how to get the man of their dreams to fall madly in love with them. Are you looking for ways

o that make your man feel strongly connected to you; the kind of connection which actually makes him fall deeply in love with you? See my 10 tips on

How Do Men Fall In Love?



  1. Communication is the key to any relationship, being open and honest with one another will grow your relationship on trust. Talk openly about intimate details of your life; share your deepest fears as well as your greatest strengths. When you show a genuine interest in him, he will be intrigued to share more with you.
  2. There is never anything wrong with showing your vulnerable side, this will make him want to protect you under any circumstance. Don’t make yourself look too vulnerable as this makes you look like a desperate mess and is a total turn off!
  3. Always give direct eye contact when talking to the love of your life. This drives men crazy and will most likely make them fall deeply in love with you. When you offer your whole self and provide eye contact, he will defiantly notice that you are interested in him and what he has to say.
  4. The way to your man’s heart is through his stomach – I believe this statement holds a lot of water! Men love when you show off the domestic goddess within you, and men will think of you in a different way. Surprise them with their favorite homemade meal; this will always win them over!
  5. Learn to back off if you get the feeling that he is taking you for granted. I say this because once you remove yourself from the situation; they will realize what they’ve lost and they will also at the same time realize you will not stay in a relationship where you’re being taken for granted. They will learn to respect you for this, and realize people like you are hard to find.
  6. Keep your sex life active! So many relationships fail because of lack of intimacy. When you share intimacy frequently in your relationship, his feelings for you change deeply and he genuinely cares and admires you, rather than just using you for his own gratification.
  7. Don’t just be his lover, be his friend, and be his soul mate. Men find comfort in their woman who shows interest in them as a person, and not just the relationship. When you genuinely love his friendship, he will defiantly take note of this and at the same time, his love for you flourishes and blossoms into a beautiful on going commitment between the two of you.
  8. Reach out and provide your touch, hold his hand, rub his shoulders when he is least expecting it, let him know you’re there through simply touch. These simple gestures actually release hormones that keep the spark united and men just love it!
  9. Openly communicate what you desire. One thing men want more than anything is to be desired and feel treasured. Showing him that you want him will deeply make him care more for you.

10.) Men love women with emotion. Men truly seek out the woman who will help and support him through any situation. Be the woman who allows

him to feel his feelings. In order for him to be expressive, he needs to feel safe and secure with you; so be in touch with him at all times.


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