How To Help My Child Being Bullied at School

Bulling in serious and it is happening more and more in early elementary school and continues through high school. It is important to address the issues with your child promptly, as continued bullying can have devastating affects on your child. As parents our job is to guide and protect. “How To Help My Child From Being Bullied At School”

  1. Exclusion is a form of bulling as other peers team up on another child and begin ignoring them, purposely leaving them out and not allowing them to join in. This can be exclusion from a group, or even turning a group of once thought “friends” away from a particular person. Another for of exclusion is the “silent treatment” where once you were able to confide in a person, and now they’re ignoring you.
  2. Hurtful and damaging text messages or even negative posts on social media platforms, even when they end with LOL – this is still bullying! .
  3. Lies, gossip and rumors are started about another child in order to make others not like them. The goal and purpose is to damage relationship and end friendships and ultimately destroy reputations.
  4. Verbal abuse and teasing is being made fun of, whether it is simple like their outfit to more extreme and continually do it mean and hurtful way. Mean remarks, name calling and sarcasm or being critical and then saying “Wow! – can’t you take a joke?”
  5. Threatening harm on another is another form of bullying, and requires immediate attention with parents and school authorities.


Children that are continually bullied will experience a multitude of feelings including depression, anxiety, lowered self esteem and it can even affect their sleeping habits, their appetite will be affected and their desire to strive and do well in school, or even not want to go to school anymore. These are all huge factors that weight heavily on a young child who is being bullied and without proper guidance, these problems can lead into adulthood and even become bigger problems. We as parents can help!

  1. Bullying typically happens by the same group of kids that are teaming up on another. It is important to stay away from them and if there is an issue, get to an adult and teach your child to use their voice and stand up for themselves.
  2. It is important that you as the parent is in direct contract with the school and address the issues immediately. Failure to do so is only allowing the problems to become bigger and will be harder to solve in the long run. Schools can intervene and can address these concerns to the “bullies” and if it continues, they will face consequences.
  3. Many times, you child is afraid to speak up because their self esteem and pride has been so diminished. Reassure them of their worth and the love you have for them. Explain that some kids act out in wrong ways and try not allowing it to affect you. Encourage your child to be brave and to walk away. The best tactic is ignoring them, because once they see that your child is no longer bothered, they will leave them alone.  Sadly, some kids torment other children because of their own issues that possibly they are dealing with and they are acting out negatively towards others.
  4. Bullying most defiantly if continued will have damaging effects on your child, it is most important to restore this confidence in your child. Encourage your child to spend time with others that have positive influence. A great place to begin is with your church group. Getting your child involved in sports, or a hobby they truly enjoy will also have a major positive impact of them. Always be supportive and ask how their day was, talk openly about the good things and the bad as well. In doing so, this reinforces your love and care and it also shows you are their best support system.


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