How To Spot Fake vs Real People

We all deal with so much, the last thing we need in our lives is fake and toxic people. They might come off as nice and genuine people, but they aren’t always nice, and they usually just want what they can get from you and leave you without thought. Developing lasting and trusting friendships are the most important aspects of life, learn to know who is true to you and who is not!  

Learn the signs How To Spot Fake vs Real People and steer clear of them!

  1. Support: When someone genuinely cares for you, and values you as a friend, they support you and encourage you to grow in your life. Regardless of what you are going through in life, they will always be by your side, through the good and the bad to uplift and help in times of need. Fake people on the other hand have a different agenda; they typically are only there when you have something they desire, and they will take and take from you as long as you allow.


  1. Love: True friends love you for everything that you are. They adore your spunky personality, they love your weirdness, and they embrace every part of you – because you are you, you are unique and they value you for how you are and what you teach them about life. They adore you because even in the darkest of times you are able to bring them to light. They love your encouragement and the lessons you teach them in life.


  1. Forgiveness: They understand we make mistakes, and although they might not always aggress with our choices, they forgive us. They forgive us because they value our friendship more than the mistakes we’ve made. And beyond that, they offer advice, and teach us a life lesson on what we could of done differently to achieve a better outcome. They are the rock that holds us together.


  1. They keep in touch. They go out of their way to make sure you are okay. They remember your birthday, and life events that are dear to our heart. They have a genuine interest in you and your life, and they care enough to be a part of it and share with one another along the journey of life.


  1. They make time. Real friends will always make time for you. They love to catch up and stay involved in your life. They make plans with you, even if it is just over coffee, the care and love you and want to stay involved in your life and be a part of our adventures. They make time out of their busy schedule just to check up on you and see that you are ok or if you need anything.


The above shows what true genuine people look like and how they are important parts of our lives. Below, notice the difference with fake and toxic people.

  1. Passive Aggressive. Fake friends never give compliments or praise to you, they insult and judge you.
  2. Let downs. Fake people are good at making plans with no follow through and are full of excuses as to why they couldn’t make it.
  3. They expect you to do for them. They expect you to put them first, yet they will never help you in time of need.
  4. They are more important. They expect you to take priority over them, they are in constant competition with you, they act as if they are better than you.
  5. Fake and toxic people strive on drama and gossip. Their lives aren’t complete unless they are causing drama in your life or someone else’s.