Husband almost faints once he sees ultrasound, nurse then stares at screen and says “1 in 15 million”

It’s a miraculous event each time a child is born, of course, its an extremely exciting time for the happy parents.

Some births, however, are just that little bit more unique than others.

The Webb couple had always wanted to have a family.

Soon after they got married, they would discover that they were about to become parents.

They could never have imagined that their pregnancy was about to be a 1 in a million chances.

Bethani and Tim Webb in Hythe, Alberta, met in June 2015 two years before they got married.

About three months later, Bethani became pregnant, the couple went to the hospital for a routine ultrasound.

Neither the parents or the nurse could believe their eyes when they saw the ultrasound.

They never imagined this would be the result – Bethani’s was carrying 4 identical little girls.

The chances of that happening are only 1 in 15 million.

I could not believe it, I was in such shock. Honestly, I thought the ultrasound tech was joking. I couldn’t believe it,” Bethani comments.

At just 33 weeks on in June 2016 Bethani gave birth via C-section, delivering four healthy daughters, named Abigail, McKayla, Grace and Emily.

The children were conceived naturally there is no history of multiples in the family, not through test-tube fertilization, which is often the case.

It hasn’t been an easy task for the couple to tell the difference between their identical children.

They decided on this clever little trick to helo so they painted their toenails in different colors!

When you’re suddenly juggling the day-to-day tasks for four it requires some set of skills,  isn’t all fun and games caring for newborns nevermind 4 of them.

Can you believe they go through 48 diapers each day!

Due to the expense, the couple has relied on donations at times to support their family.

Each week a volunteer comes to their home to offer assistance, thanks to a local collection in the local community, the couple were able to afford to purchase a larger car to accommodate the extended family.

Bethani says “It’s really amazing because there would be no way we could do this by ourselves.”

The couple feels absolutely blessed despite it being tough going at times.

Now all the family lives with Tim’s mother which helps the parents at times and she just loves looking after her adorable grandchildren!

Things don’t always work out as expected but can still have an amazing ending.

Life is full of surprises, this story is proof.

I’m sure many of us have seen this video floating around facebook now you know who they are.

Press play to have another glance at them hugging each other ?

Share this story to remind you how beautiful life can be.

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