I Am Blessed, Are You?

I hear so many women saying how blessed they are because their husband bought them this or that. I think to myself, that these women do not know

the true meaning of a blessing. It’s sad today that so many focus on material items as blessings. People think that the large home and nice car they are driving

as blessings, to an extent, yes they are blessings. But real blessings come from the heart. Taking the time to spend quality time and share love openly and

honestly with our families and spouses is where the real blessings are. True blessings are measured in love and effort, not by a price tag. True blessings

are irreplaceable. True blessings hold unmatched value. I Am Blessed, Are You?

We can teach our family these valuable lessons in life, and our children can pass the knowledge on to others and their children as well. There are several

ways to teach our children what the true meanings of blessings are and how to instill them into their daily lives.

What Are Blessings?
  1. Blessings come from within, when we share from within, we bless those around us. We can teach this to our children by the love and devotion we show our spouses. As humans, we have been blessed to give and to serve others through God. We reach out to others in need and offer kindness to people. We give back what has been given to us.
  2. As we learn and continue to grow through life, we gain a huge awareness not only of ourselves, but the world around us. This is nothing but a true blessing. As we learn from our mistakes and grow through them, this is the true gift of life. When one recognizes how extremely fortunate we are to grow through God and reflect upon our own existence; this is where true blessings begin.
  3. At times we will, or our spouses will go through a tough time with health issues, but how beautiful is it that our bodies were made to heal themselves? Most people don’t view this as a blessing; however it is a huge blessing!
  4. In life, you will find we were all put here for a purpose and it is our job to discover what our purpose is. Once people discover their purpose in life, their outlook changes. Once people learn to follow their purpose, their life changes. Such a blessing!
  5. We all give daily thanks for our family, and our friendships, could you imagine not having others to provide us with love and support when going through though times? Sometimes through life we don’t realize how special people actually are to us and what blessings they are to our daily lives. Our relationships with others teach us about friendship and love and how much of a blessing they bring to our lives.
  6. Most people do not recognize patience as a blessing; however it is a huge blessing! Learning to be patient teaches us to be at peace and to be mindful of the present moment; and who doesn’t want peace in their lives, such a beautiful blessing!
  7. I’m sure that many of us don’t count our jobs as a blessing, well in fact it is! Without our jobs, imagine where we’d be in life. How would we provide for our loved ones? When we seek to find employment that is fulfilling, it offers us a sense of pride, purpose and meaning. We learn to become appreciative of our employment as it is serving a major purpose in our lives.
  8. Lastly is eternity. We are here to serve and to live our lives; we are eternal beings living in an eternal world. God put us here to serve out purpose until our time expires. Isn’t it a beautiful blessing that we are eternal and everlasting?


There are so many blessings right before our eyes everyday that we fail to recognize. Just in the choices we make from day to day. Learning to make better

choices teach us better control and isn’t it a blessing to be in control of our destiny?


Another fun way to teach our children about blessings is to create and utilize a blessing jar. Such a fun way to teach a valuable lesson! Each year,

starting on Thanksgiving, each child writes on a piece of paper every day for the year, something that blessed them that day. Then the following

Thanksgiving read the blessings, it will bring back memories and is also great time for bonding as a family and sharing love amongst one another.

Such blessings are our children and family!

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