I Believe In Angels, Do You?

In scripture we read about Heavenly Angels; more often referred to Guardian Angels. Angels are spiritual beings created by God to serve him,

and sent by God to watch over us, deliver messages and to guard and protect. I believe that God puts Angels in our lives at the right time, when

we need them most. I also believe in Angels on earth, when someone goes above and beyond to help another’s struggling soul, they are earth Angels.

Yes, I strongly Believe In Angels, Do You

Signs your Angel Is With You                          

1.) Finding feathers is a sure sign your Angel is near to love and support you. Feathers are one of the more common signs, and they can be of any color.

2.) Angels leave images in the clouds above, a cloud in the shape of an angel or a heart is another way our Angels show they are with us.

3.) Finding coins is another sure sign our Angels are with us and guiding us along our path. Also be sure to look at the date on the coin, there at many times will be meaning in your life with the date on the coin.

4.) It is also known when you are in the presence of an Angel that you feel a change in temperature, a warm feeling with glowing light around you or even feeling cold with tingling sensation on your neck.

5.) Our feelings are also an indicator our Angels are near, if you feel you’re in the presence of an Angel, most likely you are! Angels will wrap you in their wings of love and brush your arm or neck; they are known to make their presence so obvious that you feel overwhelming unconditional love.

If find often many people asking my “Why do you believe in Angels?” I personally have had y own experience with my Guardian Angel, on more than one occasion. After loosing my loved one, there were times that while eating dinner with my children, we experienced a very powerful presence where he would once sit. We couldn’t see it, but we defiantly could feel it and it was truly amazing to witness. I defiantly knew my loved one was there supporting my children and I thru though times of his loss.

I have also heard others tell stories of their Guardian Angels protecting them and keeping them safe. There is a story of an elderly man driving and he heard “Stop” three times and finally he did stop for no apparent reason at a green light and at the very same moment, a car came flying through the red light which nearly hit the couple car at high speed. Their Guardian was protecting them and keeping them safe.

 I whole heartedly believe in Angels, they are another miracle of God and they are another gift from our Creator to provide us comfort, protection and to guide us through his Grace.

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