Importance of Sleep and Relaxation Techniques

We’re all guilty of sleep deprivation, possibly not always by choice and usually related to stressors of life in general. There are ways that we can learn to actually relax our thoughts and fall into a deep slumber! Below I’ll discuss the “Importance of Sleep and Techniques for Relaxation”


  1. In recent study at Harvard University, there is correlation of adequate sleep per night being linked to how we learn and memorize what we’ve learned. The study shows that individuals who slept 8 or more hours performed better on tests as opposed to those who slept less than 8 hours.


  1. Depriving our bodies of the suggested 8 hours of sleep per night puts extra strain on our bodies and actually can cause weight gain, and this is due to the way our body’s process and store carbohydrates, which in turn alters our hormones and causes slowed metabolism and leads to excessive weight gain.


  1. Lack of sleep also affects our thinking where we aren’t able to think as clearly or effectively, which leads to an irritability, being unable to concentrate and mood swings. Clearly, getting the enough sleep each night will make for a smooth day ahead.


  1. Our cardiovascular health can greatly be affected by more serious sleep disorders, such as hypertension, excessive stress and irregular heartbeats.


  1. In order to keep our immune system up and running at optimal performance, sleep is so imperative! When we become ill, listen to your bodies, if it’s tired, give it the rest it requires. You will find with adequate sleep your body will heal and recover quicker from common illnesses.


So know that we know and understand the importance of sleep, lets learn how to relax so we are able to get a good nights rest!


1. ) Prepare your bedroom – temperature is essential, don’t make your room too hot or cool, as these are reasons that will wake you in the middle of the night. When it is bedtime and you’re ready to sleep, turn tv off, put your phone on silent mode as these are distractions that will keep you awake.

2.) Many people leave a journal or notepad on their nightstand, before calling it a night, give yourself space and time to release your thoughts about the day – positive, worrisome etc and even take time to plan out tomorrow. This way you can sleep with a clear mind and start your day fresh tomorrow.

3.) Many people find success with using sound meditation; this is basically listening to soothing sounds such as ocean waves, wind blowing in tress or even the falling rain. There are several free apps on smart phones that also allow you to set a timer so the app shuts off after selected time.

4.) Some of us enjoy having a snack before bed, and by all means, this is perfectly fine – however it is wise to avoid sugar! Drink warm tea such as chamomile, lavender or mint and if you’re looking for a snack, good choices are fresh berries, low fat yoghurt and banana is also a great choice.

5.) Bedtime is for sleep. If you find yourself lying in bed wide awake, tossing and turning and are not able to doze off, get up and repeat your bedtime routine. Practice some deep breathing techniques and practice mindfulness which helps you recognize happiness which is in your life.


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