How to Improve Your Self-Discipline


Are you tired of setting goals for yourself and not achieving them? Learning How to Improve Your Self-Discipline will teach you your ability to control your impulses and desires long enough to stay focused and in doing so you will be able to easily meet and exceed your goals. Self- Discipline teaches us the ability to listen and take action based on our inner voice; regardless of how we might feel or what influences and temptations we might be facing. Discipline is doing what we know needs to be done, regardless if we want to do it or not.


5 Tips toSuccess

1.) Learn to avoid and remove temptations – Have you ever heard the saying “Out of sight, out of mind?” This literally is one of the easiest ways of gaining self control. If you’re trying to gain better control of your eating habits in order to lose excess weight, you’d start fresh by tossing all junk food from your pantry and learn to buy only healthy items at the grocery. This way you aren’t setting yourself up for failure. I also always suggest starting fresh on a Monday morning this way you are starting out with a clean slate at the beginning of the week.

2. Make 30 day commitments to yourself – If we look at our goal in smaller steps and learn to chip away at it one day at a time, we tend to stay more focused and the goal is typically more attainable. This is not always true in all cases, especially if your goal is more difficult; for example quitting cigarette smoking, cutting out caffeine, saving for a new car etc. These goals are still attainable, but will just require more dedication on your behalf and generally will take longer than 30 days. But anything you set your mind to you can overcome! It’s all in your focus!


3. Write down your reasons for self discipline and visualize how you will benefit from your own efforts. Using a journal is a great place to start; using affirmations will also help strengthen and improve your self control while you are focusing on your goal; this exercise helps you control your impulses and temptations. Your will power lasts longer when you continually motivate yourself with the positive effects of your own self control.

4. Learn to combine activities that coincide with your goals for example; your goal is to eat healthier in order to lose weight, while eating better will help you meet your goal, exercise will get reach your goal faster; walk your dog and you’re pup will benefit as well as you!

5. Learning to reward you for achievements and also to not being so hard on yourself for setbacks – These are both important! Never expect you won’t have set backs on failures, allow for some wiggle room! While you’re teaching yourself better self control, give yourself some treats for staying on track! Treats doesn’t have to be food items a massage, pedicure etc. are both awesome gifts you can give yourself for your efforts and staying on track! Also it’s essential to realize that things won’t always go as planned, you’ll have times you might slip; get back up and back at it! Learn to acknowledge what caused your set back and learn from it. Most important is to keep moving forward!


Bottom-line, learning self- discipline is doing what is best for you, regardless if you want to do it or not; you learn to overcome your impulses and temptations. Consistently remind yourself why you started in the first place, knowing what you want and what you need to do to get there; always keep yourself accountable and you’ll get the desired results.




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