Improving Your Relationship With Yourself  


Do you struggle to like Yourself , let alone love yourself? You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people. Knowing how to respect and love yourself is an important source of happiness. For a lot of us, we are so busy trying to find love and happiness from others that we literally “forget’ that true love and happiness starts within ourselves.

Learning to love you doesn’t mean standing in front of the mirror and saying nice things to yourself! There are several ways we can Improve Your Relationships with ourselves, and in turn, this strengthens your relationships with others.


There are several things you can do daily that is time spent with YOU and for YOU!


  • Open your mind – Teach yourself to be receptive to new concepts and ideas. Open Yourself up to more adventures. Listen and read more. Get in touch with you!
  • Leave the past in the past – We’ve all made poor choices or bad at one time or another in life, you need to learn to forgive yourself and grow from your mistakes. It’s a lesson learned!
  • Pamper yourself, everyday! Take time out of your schedule for you. Do something that you enjoy and that is healthy for you. Give yourself at least 30 minutes of you time per day.
  • Take an audit on your life – Seriously, take a deep look into your life and review what isn’t working for you and remove it or set personal goals for yourself to change it, so it does work. Cut ties with unhealthy relationships as well as habits.
  • Build strong friendships – These are healthy people whom you look up to, who would be there for you in an instant. This is important because we tend to become like the people that we associate ourselves with. The people you associate with should be a reflection of who you are, or who you’d like to become.
  • Learn to Meditate – I say this because focus is so important in our lives! Practicing 5 minutes of focused meditation puts you in check with your thoughts as well as your emotions. Many people say they don’t have time for this, this is so simple! Pick a favorite song that brings you happiness, listen to the song everyday and enjoy the positive energy – while listening to the song, on every inhale, imagine positive energy and love entering your body – on every exhale, breath out whatever thought comes into your mind. This is known to work because you anchor a sensation by listening to one specific piece of music – the second you hear that track, you instantly reach that meditation state – NO matter how busy your day is! So simple!
  • Learn to use Affirmations – Learn to stop negative thoughts as quickly as they pop up in your mind. Fill your mind only with positive thoughts throughout your day.
  • Invest in yourself! This is essential, as it improves our mind, our body and our emotions! Sign up to take an exercise class at your local gym, get a pedicure/ manicure, get a massage or buy a new outfit! Make a goal to exercise at least 3 days a week, learn how to journal and be expressive with your thoughts and emotions.
  • Learn to say YES to something new in your life, which is healthy and beneficial to you. Staying focused and doing things that are desirable and good for you make you “hungry” for more – because it makes you feel good!


Remember that you are in total and complete control of your life. Focus your energies on how you’d like to see your life manifest and bring it to life.