Inspiring, Heart Touching Story of Stranger Paying For Old Man’s Meal.

This is such a heart warming story of an older man who is down on his luck

As a child, my parents raised me well, always teaching me that others don’t have the simple luxuries that we have.

The simple things in life like a warm meal, a warm home or even a loving hug. Sharing kindness is what this world needs, my mother’s words

and wisdom of kindness and offering a helping hand to others will forever remain in my heart.

This video is such a heart warming story of an older man who is down on his luck. David Love noticed this older man’s struggle and felt the need,

the want and the desire to put a smile on his face and warm his soul. David encountered this man while in line at a fast food restaurant, he noticed him

counting the last of his change in order to eat something for dinner.

Nobody should ever have to struggle, let alone worry about how they are going to eat! This is where David Love intervened, and he stepped up and paid for

this elderly man’s meal. Imagine if we all slowed down and took the time to notice other people’s situations, imagine what an impact we could make by

one simple act of kindness.

If you found yourself in this same situation, wouldn’t you have done the same thing? You know darn well I would! Actually, people find when helping others,

they feel good as a person. Sharing kindness and helping others makes you a wonderful person, it comes from your heart, because you care about the

well being of other people.

However, there are those who would go about their business and pretend as if they didn’t notice this man’s struggle. You might want to remind yourself

that one day, you could find yourself in this very same situation. It is never too late to start sharing in simple acts of kindness. Opening doors for others,

helping the elderly cross a busy street, or assisting a single mother to load her car with groceries while she settles a crying baby. Being kind doesn’t

always involve money; kindness is just extending your helping hand to those in need.

This video of David Loves kindness has flooded social media and has touched the hearts of many. You’ll notice in the video, David not only pays for

this mans meal; he also gives him a $20 bill because he wanted to be sure this man wouldn’t struggle for his next meal. Share some kindness today and touch

the hearts of a stranger. One small gesture can warm a person’s heart.


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