Inspiring Rescue of Impala Stuck in Mud This Man Truly is A Hero!

This National Park employee went above and beyond his call of  duties to rescue this impala that was walking across the hardened mud,

when the ground broke and impala was quickly up to his neck in wet mud – with no way of escaping this on his own!

image source: daily mail

This worker is a hero; he endangered his own life in attempts to rescue this helpless animal. He waded through this hardening mud and tied

a hope around his waist. Once he finally reached this scared animal, he also tied a rope around the impala’s body in attempt to save his life.

The worker worked effortlessly to pull this impalas body from the wet clay like mud.

image source: daily mail

After getting his body out of the thick mud, his collages then pulled them both to dry land. This impala was of course confused, but at the same time was relieved that this worker saved his life! Once they both made it to dry lands, him and his workers gave the impala a well deserved drink and a quick bath, and set him on his way to be wild and free and reunite with his family.

image source: daily mail

The worker said later, I couldn’t just let that impala suffer, I had to save his life and set him free – and I did just that!

Bravo to this man and a job well done!