Is It True Love or Are You Settling?

After dating for awhile, we believe we are in pure love and you are ready to make the next biggest step of your life. Don’t take the leap to quickly!

When we settle, we create a life with our significant other who is perfect, and then not so much perfect. If you find yourself staying involved because the

relationship is easy and it works at the moment, this is settling. Possibly it is time to take a step back and revaluate your circumstances, because when

you take the leap, it is meant to be for life! Below you will find my signs “Is It True Love or Are You Settling?”

1.) If you find that you confide in your friends more than your partner, this is settling! It doesn’t matter if it is low key news or something major in your life,

your partner should always be the first to know. It’s perfectly normal to want to call your mom to express happiness in your life or even run to your

best friend when you are met with sadness. There is a reason why you are avoiding your partner at your highest and lowest points, this is a sign that you are

settling, whether it is how you feel he/she might react to your news, or possibly they might not care at all. These are all flags that you should revaluate your relationship.

2.) In life, we all have created our values for ourselves; what we want and desire from the person we choose to be with. If you find yourself degrading your own

values to be with someone, this is settling. Examples would be you don’t care for social drinkers, but you’re dating a social butterfly! If you’re dealing with it now,

most likely it’s causing tension between the two of you. We need to look at the big picture – would you be happy with this for the rest of your life? Something

to think about!

3.) Another for of settling is wishing your relationship was like someone else’s. This is normal, because it is telling you that you are lacking something from your

partner. True, we should never compare your relationship with other couples, but if in your heart you find yourself lacking communication, affection etc., it’s

possibly fair to say you are settling for less than you deserve!

4.) If you are continually finding that you are last in line on the totem pole, and your partner’s friends are taking priority over you, this again is settling. In a

relationship, you should be priority – always, and if you are lacking this, it is time to speak your words and demand change or it is simply time to move on to

someone who will make you priority and actually value time spent with you.

5.) It is Friday night and you’ve made plans with your partner for dinner and a movie, but deep down you really would rather not go – not because you’re sick or

under the weather, but because you truly aren’t interested – this is settling and beyond settling, it is unfair because you are leading your partner on and you should

discontinue the relationship!

6.) Any relationship should come naturally, especially if it is meant to be! However if you are staying involved with your partner because it is “easy”, this is another

sign of settling! Relationships should challenge you to bring out the best in both of you and as a result you create a future together. If you lack creativity and no

challenge, possibly spice things up by adding more effort or move on for the both of you!

Relationships are work, and it will always take two that are fully vested to make it work. In order to carry out a lasting love with your partner, there should be none of the above signs in your relationship, and if there are you seriously need to reconsider what you feel for this person and what you want for your life. Settling doesn’t bring happiness! If either partner fails to put in the effort, the relationship will never thrive!

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