Just Like Humans, Dogs Deserve A Treat Too! Meet Mishka Adorable Alaskan Malamute!

This Alaskan Malamute Waits For The Ice Cream Truck Every Single Day

I just love animals, especially when we are able to capture their special human like moments on film. Animals are known to lift our moods and

bring love to our hearts! This video is sure to bring smiles to your heart. I watched this video more than once, it is just too adorable!

Dogs are mans best friend, they look up to their owners to provide their every need in life, and they express their love back to us for gratitude we

have shown them, for the love and trust we provide to them. Dogs bring joy to many families homes, especially homes of children. Dogs teach loyalty,

companionship and a bond is built between child and dog.

Just like humans, dogs deserve a special treat too! Mishka, a 3 year old Alaskan Malamute knows all about the ice cream man! When he hears

the music of the ice cream truck coming down the street, he runs outside waiting patiently for his special treat! This is one special pup and this ice cream

mans is happy to serve his special friend! Mishka doesn’t get this special treat everyday, because that wouldn’t be healthy for him! But he sure does

enjoy try to indulge as often as he is allowed!

Her story quickly gone viral, with the original uploaded video having now been viewed almost 3.6M times. What do you think about this cheeky dog?

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