Keeping Your Relationship Strong After Marriage

Many people believe that marriage is 50/50 however this is not true divorces are 50/50 and marriage has to be 100/100 – marriage is giving everything you’ve got. Being married is a team concept, where the other lacks, you pick up. Marriage is learning to balance each other out and loving one another through the highs and lows. Love isn’t always perfect, we learn to overcome obstacles and face challenges together. A strong relationship is choosing to show love towards one another even in the moments of struggle.

There are several things we can do to keep our relationship strong after marriage

  1. Learn to always show care and concern toward your spouse. Do something special for your spouse to show you love them; it’s the littlest thing that matters, prepare their favorite meal for dinner, buy your wife flowers, meet for a lunch date on your break from work. It’s important to keep your relationship alive and not fall into routine of day to day work life.
  2. Communication is probably the reason most relationships fair to thrive. Communication is key. Make time to talk daily, not about bills or the kids, but your dreams and goals together. Tell one another you love each other, and just don’t spew the words; mean it! Offer kind words often and always speak the truth! The number one way to fail at your marriage is to be dishonest.
  3. Learn to make time out of your schedules for alone time. Even if its just an hour, it does wonders for your relationship. Spending time is quality time, not on your cell phones, give each other the attention they desire and deserve. Lay in bed in the morning 5 extra minutes to snuggle together before parting ways for the day.
  4. You can never underestimate the power of touch! Touch often, hugs, holding hands, back rubs and the like, kiss on the lips, provide warm smiles; all these kind gestures show you care.
  5. Continually stay positive, even during tough times. Negative attitudes are draining and are a total turn off. Tell your partner how great they look, or how wonderful dinner was. Be positive and provide positive affirmations towards one another. Build one another up and learn to shrug off small annoyances.


These tips will not solve all your problems, but if followed they will help keep problems away. It is so often that people get married and then get involved with their career and at the end of the day everyone is exhausted – we still must provide effort and it’s actually pretty simple. You should never look at spending time with your spouse, or doing something special for them as a chore or a task. It should come naturally from the love you carry in your heart.


Marriages are not self sustaining; they require constant attention and intentional effort. In order for a couple to have a successful, lasting and fulfilling marriage, the couple must plan together, work hard for one another and be dedicated to each other in making their marriage successful.



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