Kent Has Down Syndrome and this is His Reaction Meeting His Newborn Brother

Babies bring joy and love to families; however this story of Kent meeting his newborn brother is sure to melt your hearts.
Whenever a new child enters the family, they are our bundle of joy, a gentle new life welcomed into the world.

Kent is a special little 4 year old with Down Syndrome, but his disability doesn’t hold him back from the happiness that

overwhelms his precious heart. When he first met his baby brother, Noah in the hospital, he instantly showed his love that any

big brother would!

Just like any child, Kent was so excited about seeing and meeting his baby brother for the first time. Their Grandma snapped

pictures when Kent was introduced to Noah. Although he might not understand everything that is happening, he was able to share in the joy

and excitement of his new baby brother’s arrival. Kent arrived at the hospital with his Dad wearing a navy blue sweater with the words

“Big Brother” printed on the front. In his hand he carried a sweet blue bear to give to his little brother. He was so excited he ran down the

hallway to greet his new sibling.

kent was just like any other ordinary kid. His face was full of smiles and his heart was filled with joy as he met Noah. From going to being a

only child to becoming a big brother was a huge thing for Kent. His reactions say so much. His life is no different that any other little boy

who just took over the new role as “Big Brother”! His smile grew bigger as he was lifted to his mother’s bed. A small pillow was placed on his lap so

he could securely snuggle beside his new joy in life, Noah. His precious little face was filled with awe as he observed every bit of him. This truly was a

heartfelt moment for the family, and they are grateful Grandma was there to make keepsakes in photos. Growing up with siblings is truly the best,

it is a bond that can never be broken, and as years pass, the bond between the two becomes stronger. Little Kent now becomes an example for many,

regardless of his syndrome, he is just as loving and caring, if Kent can do this for his brother, then why can’t we? Life is so short, time passes so quickly,

we should never pass the opportunity to show love to everyone that touches our lives.

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