Did you know oral hygiene plays a role in your overall health?

Although we opt for that perfect smile, our pearly whites go far beyond our appearance. Did you know that oral hygiene plays a major role in your overall health? When we neglect our teeth, we neglect our health. Not many people know this, but avoiding the dentist for an underlying tooth problem is defiantly the wrong choice to make. It may take time for the infection to develop, but once it does, consider you down and out for near a week or longer. It’s truly not worth it! The facts are your mouth talks to your body!

1.) Once infection sets in, whether from a cavity or a broken tooth, the bacteria in your mouth travels to other parts of your body via your bloodstream. Once the infection travels, you won’t feel better until you see the dentist and are prescribed antibiotics. So in reality, we should go to the dentist immediately when problems arise and avoid the whole infection process!

2.) Did you know that gum disease, such as gingivitis, increases the risk of head and neck cancers? IF when brushing your teeth, you experience tender or bleeding gums, you should visit your dentist. The problem will not get better on its own and overtime it will become a much bigger problem, causing you unwanted health issues.

3.) Ironically cavities aren’t only caused by poor dental hygiene, but they are known to be caused by a germ that spreads while kissing and sharing food! I never knew this myself and when my dentist told me this I was in awe!

4.) It is a know facts that pregnant women with gum disease only have a 1 in 7 percent chance of giving birth to a healthy child of normal size. This is another reason as to why oral hygiene is so important!

5.) People who have gum disease are twice as likely to die from heart disease and more than three times likely to die from a stroke. These statistics don’t lie, if you experience issues with your gums; please see attention from your dentist as soon as possible!

6.) The bacterium that lives in your mouth can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and also stroke. It is so impetrative to practice good dental care at all times, and it is best to start teaching our children at a young age. The Surgeon General has reported that at least 80% of American adults suffer from gum disease – that is huge!

7.) It is also proved that tooth loss and gum disease from poor dental care increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

8.) Research has also linked the association of gum disease to rheumatoid arthritis. They have also found that gum disease increase the risk of pancreatic and kidney cancer by 62%. And also that 93% of people with gum disease are at risk for diabetes.

The above is all factual! It is so necessary that we seek proper dental health, as you can see if we fail to properly care for our teeth and gums, we are putting our health at great risk! Everyone is recommended to see the dentist every 6 months – when was your last check up?