Leave A Positive Impact On Others


None of us have any idea what another person is going through, or struggling with in their lives. Regardless if you believe it or not, our words and actions really do leave an impact on those we come in contact with. This world that we all share defiantly needs to spread more kindness to other people. By leaving a positive impact on others, we truly can change the world one person at a time!

What can you do to create a positive impact on another person?

1.) Kindness goes a long way, and it will defiantly brighten another person’s day! We all can spread kindness through our smile, we can all offer a helping hand, even if it is opening or holding the door for someone, helping an elderly person with their groceries. Spreading positivity isn’t about spending money. It’s being kind to another human being, straight from the goodness of your heart.

2.) Build others up, when ever you get the opportunity. Remind others that they are worthy; reiterate to them they possess many talents. When someone is struggling with hard times in life, take time out of your day to provide a listening ear, to offer encouragement. Many times, just being there for another who is facing difficult can deeply mean so much. Be a light to others in this world!

3.) Usually when someone is going through a trial in their life, possibly we’ve already been down that path. Share your knowledge and your wisdom! Talking to others who are struggling shows you genuinely care and you will be there for them to help. This means so much to people, just to know you took time to offer your support and shows you are a caring individual.

4.) Stop judging people. You have no idea what they have been through to land them in the position they are currently facing. Instead offer encouragement and guidance to people who need it. If rather, you reach out to help, encourage and just listen, you are leaving a positive impact on them and good things can develop from this! If only everyone could stop and think about the impact on the world if everyone would follow these tips!

5.) If your neighbor has recently had surgery, or a baby, etc bring meals so they don’t have this worry on them. Offer to mow your elderly neighbor’s yard, offer to run errands, drive them to doctor’s appointments. Anything that can positivity help them while they are going through a difficult time.

Can you imagine the impact on the world if everyone would stop and consider what others might be going through in their lives? Can you further imagine if everyone would do random acts of kindness and spread more love than hate?

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