Little Girl Expresses Dislike in Grandma’s Words And Leaves The Family With Laughter.

Little Girl Expresses Dislike in Grandma’s Words

Kids are full of expression, they are open, honest and a joy to be around. Sometimes, they even catch you off guard with the words they say, and they leave you laughing at their funny comments and their quick whit! They are quick learners and pick up so much from us though our words and our body language and are so expressive with their words, which often times leave us on the floor in laughter!

Josie is a bright, full of expression little toddler. She isn’t shy to use her words to express what she is feeling towards her Grandma! In this video, your will see how strongly she disagrees with her Grandma and her “poor” choice of words as she expresses her feelings towards her family.

Josie refuses to speak to her Grandma, because Grandma is speaking “bad words” to her. The woman filming this clip asks Josie “What did Grandma say that has you so upset?”

Josie quickly responds “Grandma said poop to me!” The family is in tears with laughter as they explain to Josie, poop isn’t a bad word! Josie is very serious, you can see in her expressions just how cute and adorable this little girl is. She specifically states she refuses to speak to Grandma, but will talk to the rest of her family.

As children grow, and develop, this is normal behavior for any child. As parents, we need to be their guide and help them understand their feelings and emotions. According to recent study an Australian Parenting website, it is wonderful that children are expressive with their feelings and emotions; however they might need some extra help dealing with frustration and often times mixed emotions. When we offer our guidance as parents, we help guide our child with positive life experiences. Reinforcing these steps as your child grows ensures they will have positive experiences throughout life and grow and develop into their adorable personalities, just like Josie!