Fundamentals For Living A Positive and Rewarding Life

No one ever said life is easy; it’s not!

We are all faced with daily challenges and sometimes it can become overwhelming for us to cope

with. Living a positive life is an absolute must for your life to be rewarding. Living with a positive outlook will not only help you cope

with daily challenges that arise, but will also make you a much happier, healthier version of you!

Sometimes we may only need to adjust our attitude, how we react to things, and make the best of any obstacle that is thrown our way.

Maybe for others it goes deeper than our attitude; possibly it’s time to reevaluate the lifestyle that you’ve become accustomed to living,

and that’s okay too – at least you are recognizing its time to make some changes!  It is important to at times step back and look at how

things are going for you in your life, and make some changes if needed. People are often afraid of change, but change is good, especially

if it is bettering you and your life. We are all humans; we always have room for improvement!

I also will say it is important to stay mindful to the things that you are naturally drawn to, as they are often connected to your path,

your purpose and your passion in life; you should always have to courage to follow them!

Below I’ll list some steps that are successful to help you achieve a more Positive and Rewarding Life.

 1. Simplify your life

One of the biggest stressors in the world is materialism. A major symptom of this is to over buy and hoard things, which cause a major

distraction in your life, where as minimalism offers you more space for focus and gratitude. It is okay to collect things, just keep your

life light, uncluttered and organized.

2. Lifestyle

This one has a major huge impact on living a productive, positive and rewarding life. If you are making poor choices, associating

with the wrong people, involving yourself with negativity, there is no way in heck you can live a positive life. Negative people,

doing negative things to your body will not give you a positive life. In order to live a positive life, we need to be with positive

people and experiences; that’s what brings out the best in us. Reevaluate who you are allowing in your space, we know right from wrong,

if they’re not doing well in your life, its time to seek better friends and make better choices. A life filled with unnecessary drama and

gossip is NO way of living. Social drama is indicative that a person is disconnect from their purpose and are lacking meaningful goals.

People with purpose have no time for the nonsense.

An easy way I suggest in doing this would be get involved in something you enjoy. Take a Yoga class, if you like playing basketball or baseball,

sign up for a league. Get involved with your church family! There are so many things you can do to make changes that add up to positive life

experiences; you just have to do it. Once you start seeing you can have clean honest fun with good positive people, guess what? You start feeling

better as a person!

3. Stay Motivated

Create goals and stick to them. Set goals that are attainable at first, then add to them. I highly suggest journaling; it’s so simple and is

an excellent tool to keep you motivated. Keep creating new purposes in your life. Once you start completing your goals, you will feel so motivated,

accomplished, and happy when achieving them. Your confidence goes up and you are on the road to living a rewarding life! It is important that

you do not let small defeats or non successes affect you. There will be times you’re not able to meet your desired goals, life happens and

sometimes can get in the way, that is okay – try again tomorrow! Always seek to strive for your best possible self and you will attain it.


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