Living A Positive Life

For me, I always try to see the positive in all aspects in my life. There are times that it’s easier said than done. Throughout life, we are all faced with challenges as well as changes. I’ve learned that being as positive as possible and trying to make the best of all situations has truly made a difference in my life. Learning to Live a Positive Life does take work and effort on our part, but the rewards defiantly are worth it. The steps below allow me to lead a more positive life.


  1. Our attitude plays a major role in how we view life. We must learn to teach ourselves that being positive is a choice. When we find ourselves in an undesirable situation, or are faced with undesirable circumstances, we must search for the good in all situations. We need to stop pointing fingers and placing blame. We need to accept that all things happen as they happen and it is up to us to be in control of our attitude, no one has control over our attitude except for you.
  2. If we are aiming to lead a positive, more joyful life, we cannot be surrounded by negative people who steal from our joy. This step is hard for some; we must distance ourselves from anything that brings negative influences in your life. We also must learn to remove any negative influences in our lives, this includes drugs and alcohol. It’s necessary to take a step back and look at your life and make positive changes where necessary. When we learn to focus our attention on positive things in our lives, and developing positive healthy relationships, we see and fell the positive changes happening in our lives.
  3. As we continue to grow, we need to seek positive in all situations as well as people. There is something positive in everything, sometimes we need to look a little harder. Everything that we are faced with, good or bad is defiantly a learning experience. When we are faced with a bad experience, we can ask our self “What was good about this?” we can always find something good from a bad situation, even if it was a lesson learned.
  4. As we continue to lead a more positive life, it’s is important to keep reinforcing positive thoughts in behaviors within yourself. The more you keep striving, the more positive your life will become. The most mindful way to remain positive starts from within yourself and the relationship you have with your inner self. Learn to be honest with yourself and trust your gut instincts.
  5. Spread your positivity with joy onto others. This is so simple to do, kindness goes a long way! Tell others they look nice today; tell your co-worker they did a great job dealing with the negative customer. When someone is feeling down or have a bad day, offer comfort to them and a listening ear. Learn to treat others as you’d like to be treated. People gravitate towards positive people, the more your share positivity with others; the more you are practicing it in your own life.


It is important that we learn to raise our awareness so we can make a concerted effort to focus on finding balance in our lives and to live a life based on

positive living. We have a choice to continue to live with excessive negativity in our lives, we have the choice within us to make the necessary changes to

living a more positive and joyful life.

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