Living With Depression

You are not alone; depression affects over 6.8 million adults and children in the United States. Living with depression can be very hard to deal with and may at

time make you feel your life is unmanageable; this is because depression drains your motivation, your energy and your hope. To effectively cope with depression,

you need to get on top of it before it overcomes you. There are many things you can do to bring joy back to your life and happiness to your heart. Many people are

sadly so depressed that they don’t have the drive to do much of anything; they are continually tired, they suffer from very little to no motivation. There are several

ways that you can help yourself to feel better when suffering from depression.

1. Talk about your feelings

The best way to cope with issues in our lives that cause us to feel or become depressed is by talking about what is bother us. Many people will withdraw and isolate

themselves; it is so important to reach out to loved ones. They care and love you and want to help you. Learning to open up and expressing what is bothering

you will not only make you feel a sense of relief, but you are also letting go and opening up. If we don’t talk about our feelings and continue to keep bottled up,

it will be near impossible to feel better as a person, and the depression will continue.

2. Journaling

Journaling is highly effective and statistics have shown there are favorable outcomes with simply journaling. Journaling is known to reduce stress, it improves your

memory, it promotes self awareness and mindfulness and I believe it also produces a sense of optimism as well as creativity. Beyond that it improves your problem

solving abilities as well as our will power and self discipline! You defiantly cannot go wrong learning to journal! You don’t need to spend tons of money to journal,

a basic spiral is perfect! Basically journaling is like a diary. It is yours, it is a safe place for your to write what is bothering you; for you to express yourself. Journaling

doesn’t have to be just about what is troubling us, you can write about happy things here too!

3. Triggers

Learn to pay close attention to what triggers you into the state of depression and your mood comes crashing down. Usually you will find a pattern;

learn from it. This is a really important step in learning about your self. You have to be vigilant, learn your triggers and guard against them.

Another step here is learning how to reduce your stress during uncomfortable situations that trigger you into a depressive state of being.

4. Learning to deal with stress/ anxiety

Learning to deal with stress or anxiety goes hand in hand with your triggers. There are so many beneficial stress remedies that will be of great

help to you. Learning deep breathing techniques; this is great because it can literally be done anywhere. Other wonderful methods for reducing stress

and anxiety is meditation, Yoga, any physical activity. It is also important to do things that make you happy! Take yourself on a date, buy flowers for you,

and pamper yourself. All these things reduce stress and make your feel better about yourself.

5. Taking care of you

This is a huge step and must be taken seriously. You are in total control of your physical being, no one else. Everything that we do in our lives has a

result on our future. It is of course the simple basic things to start. We have to feed our bodies in order for us to function. If you are abusing something

weather it be drugs and/ or alcohol; it must stop. Drugs and alcohol are depressants and they aren’t going to help you, nor will they give you the life that

you’re deserving of. Keep active daily, find an activity you enjoy and stick with it. Make a effort to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Don’t try

to aim for perfection, be proud of however close you; there is no such thing as perfection. You are capable of making changes to your life to feel better

and enjoy your life.

Most importantly; Love yourself like you would someone dear to your heart and learn to silence the voice inside your head that says you aren’t good enough

because you are good enough and you are worthy of living a blessed life.