Living With Intention

 Living with Intention is living a conscious life; better habits, make for a better life. Basically conscious living is finding out where

your priorities are and where opportunities lie. Good things happen in our lives when we work towards goals, we feel accomplished, were focused

and we feel honored of our accomplishments. For some of us, we set goals and we fail to follow thru with them. This is where living with intention

comes into play. Following thru, reaching your desired goals and connecting with your higher self is living with intention.

Life is short, we can’t get where we desire to be in life if we are constantly sitting in “idle”, we can’t continue to let opportunities pass us by and

just allow things to happen. We are all in full control of our lives and once we learn that our time on earth is so precious we can’t allow ourselves

to live our lives with out purpose.

1. Uncover your values

When you realize what is important to you, you use that as a compass for each decision you make. If for example you desire to

better care for yourself and your health, you’ll possibly take up Yoga and eat more cautiously, over going out with your girlfriend

and drinking all night. It’s all about choices and following through; sticking to your values. It’s easy to sit back and let life

just “happen”, but really that’s not living. There is no reason not to live a fulfilled life with intention.

2. Prepare yourself for resistance

It is perfectly natural for you to feel self doubt or fear when looking at your choices, habits and daily routines. This resistance is a

sign that you’re on the right path and heading towards your goals as you reach your higher self. If it didn’t matter, you wouldn’t be scared.

Resistance is a sign that you keep going and do the things you’re scared to do. You’re on the right path, don’t stop now! Don’t let fear

hold you back; don’t stop at your comfort zone.

3. Practice wellness

Love yourself enough to take care of your body, from the inside out. Take care of your mind and reduce your stress levels; take time to walk in nature, meditate; anything that you do to keep you active is good for both your mental and physical health. Taking car of yourself is so important, we only get one shot at life, being healthy will also make your feel generally better about yourself and strive harder to reach your goals.

4. Live as if this is all there is

Make the best of each and everyday. Make your choices count. Make changes and focus on today. The most beautiful thing about

living your life in the present moment is watching your life unfold in small and big ways along the way, without feelings of stress

and anxiety of “acting” Once you get in contact with your higher self and wake up all your energies, you really can accomplish

anything you desire. It’s all about focus and being committed to you.

People who live their lives with intention are in tune with their inner most being, they are engaged, decisive and they pick their

own battles. They aren’t just drifting thru life; they are living intentionally with a purpose. It’s is all about choices, defining a purpose,

goal setting, and focusing on your purpose. Commit yourself to living intentionally and on purpose!