“Look Maggie, I’m walking!” Heartfelt Story of Precious Little Boy With Spinal Bifida

Roman Dinkel is a precious little 2 year old who is spreading tears of joy and smiles of inspiration across the world. This video,

posted by his parents on Facebook has spread inspiration to so many.

Meet the Dinkel family, from Overland Park, Kansas. This is a loving family of 3 children and their family dog, Maggie. When Roman’s mom,

Whitney, discovered she was pregnant with Roman, their families hearts grew with love and anticipation as they awaited the birth of their precious Roman.

At Whitney’s 20 week check up, the doctors discovered that Roman has spinal bifida. While still pregnant, Whitney underwent surgery

in hopes to improve Romans breathing and also to increase the functional movement in his legs after he was born.

Doctors warned the Dinkel’s that there is a chance Roman would never be able to walk. The parents, Adam and Whitney were both devastated

with the news given by the doctors, they were heart broken and fearful by the news they have received, however they persevered and both

parents were determined to give Roman the best life that they could.

Precious Roman was born May 5th, 2016, he was the brightest little boy, full of whit and an outstanding personality, and he had the will in him

that nothing would hold him back. Roman went through chiropractic and physical therapy and within one year he was able to use a walker.

Roman continues to thrive; this little boy never ceases to amaze his parents! Today Roman is a 2 year old toddler and just started using crutches

all by himself, taking his first steps independently with grace! Adam, Roman’s father says “He’s a warrior!”

The Dinkel’s wanted to inspire others; Roman’s story has touched the hearts of many. You will see in this video the strength and courage this little

boy has, his personality is amazing and Roman has forever changed his parent’s lives for the better.

In this video, you’ll see little Roman taking his steps and sharing this precious milestone with his best friend, Maggie. Just look at his face and how

proud he is of himself and to share this precious story with the hopes to spread awareness on spinal bifida.