Loving Couple Sings Beautiful Duet And Their Baby Loves It!

Family ties are the most important in creating a tight bond that lasts a life time. Children learn our values from what we teach to them,

this learning of values comes through rules and discipline and of course fun times shared together, forming lasting memories that last a lifetime.

It is the parent’s job to be good role models, as our children learn so much from what they see us do. Spending quality time together is the bond in

which builds loving family ties.

For most parents, it is hard to find time due to work schedules and household chores, which is why the weekends are the perfect time for

spending quality time together. Even if it is just a picnic in the park, a visit to the zoo or planning a weekend getaway, whatever suits your family,

just enjoy the time you share together.


In the video, you will see how this precious family makes best use of their time as a family, creating life long memories together. This little girl just

loves music, and her parents are singing the song “One Day” to one another. This song has been a world wide hit, and it truly touches all that hear it.

Mom is the main voice behind the singing in the video, but Dad makes beautiful beats which create a beautiful tune that delights their child’s ears.

The baby was excited and filled with expressions of love as her parents sing this beautiful duet together; her sweet little face is filled with joy.

What a beautiful way to spend a lovely day together, making memories, sharing love in the most simplest of ways. It is truly the little things that matter most.

video source: youtube

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