Make A HUGE Impact In Your Life With These Simple Steps

The New Year is just around the corner, maybe not everyone sets a “New Years Resolution” and that’s perfectly okay but we all have room to improve the overall quality of our lives! Read below for my simple tips to Make A HUGE Impact In Your Life!

  1. Positive attitude

Above anything else – always assume you are good enough! This tip can apply to everything you face in life, from a job interview to even a date. Walking into new experiences with a positive attitude will give you the mentality that you are good enough!

2. Learn to read and understand nutrition labels

Take better care of you and become more aware of what you are putting in your body. Learn to read and understand nutrition labels. This is huge because in order to lead a positive thriving life, we need our health and our bodies to be in good shape. There are numerous “FREE” apps available these days to help you actually understand beyond the calories your eating. All this knowledge will benefit you in the long haul!

3. Get to walking

Get to walking! Walking is a huge benefit that your body will thank you for later in life! If you simply make the time for a good 30 minute walk everyday, you reduce your risk of heart disease, stoke, obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, and even some forms of cancer! Even more it reduces stress, improves your mood and just makes you feel good! If you don’t have the time for 30 minutes – break it up do 3 10 minute walks – try it, you will be amazed of how much better you feel when you get into the habit of just doing it!

4. Stop complaining please

Stop complaining please! Complaining is so draining, it is unproductive and further more it becomes a nasty habit! People who continually complain are whiney people who typically don’t try to resolve their issues. Look to the brighter side of life, Find laughter even in the most difficult times. Laughter is good for the soul and also increases your memory!

5. Be productive

If your motivation is slacking, aim to at least try – give it a good effort for 20 minutes before you quit! Disconnect from your social apps and get productive with your life. Time is so valuable, make the most of your minutes, make your days count!

6. Help others

It’s always such a heart warming feeling to reach out and help others. Take the time and effort to do something nice for someone who is in need of help or struggling. This improves your well being to others, but beyond that it truly feels good on the inside!

7. Get proper sleep

Listen to your body, get the rest you need! This is hard for so many of us! We go to bed but end up scrolling social media for hours! I’m so guilty of this myself! We need sleep and adequate amounts daily. Sleep affects our emotional well being as well as our physical health. Bed time is simply that – good night Facebook!

8. Toxic relationships

Wash your hands of toxic relationships. They are draining you daily; it will never get better and watch out because they will drag you down with them. Emotions are contagious! Being around negative people will cause sadness, anxiety and even undue stress in you life. Keep your distance and say your goodbyes – for good!

9. Stop living in the past.

Stop living in the past. We are in the present. Any past mistakes are your stepping stones for success. We learn from our mistakes and we usually learn a good lesson so pay attention! We are human, none of us is perfect and we can rise to better people! Mistakes are lessons as they teach us more about us.

10. Journaling

Keep a journal. Seriously! It is so nice to have a private place to simply rid your mid of your feelings, troubles, joys etc. Journaling is such a creative and beneficial way to express yourself thru writing about your day. Allow yourself 10 minutes each to write and learn to let go of your feelings in a positive way. Journaling is also great for goal setting. This exercise is wonderful for your mental health, it truly is a great outlet to learn to sort thru your thoughts and feelings.

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