Man Arguing With His Goat; Baby Goat Talks Back – How Adorable!

Man Arguing With His Goat

I think we are all guilty of talking to our four legged friends, I know that I am! It seems that talking to them grows your

relationship with them, and they are able to somewhat understand us to their own level of understanding. When you are proud

of them for learning a new trick, they truly feel your excitement. They also are able to sense when you are upset with them,

they cower or hide because they know they’ve disappointed you. Animals have an amazing intellect that makes them capable of

loving and feeling you by the power of their extraordinary senses.

In this hilarious video, you will see this cute baby goat trying to command his owner. The baby goat appears to be telling his

owner something and the man refuses saying “No, I won’t!” The baby goat is by his side at his eye level, resting his head on his shoulder,

with the most serious look on his face. The goat continues to make noisy sounds as if he is talking back to his owner, begging him

to do something. The man answers back “Yeah, no matter how many times you ask, I refuse to take the trash out”.

The baby goat jumps back trying to argue with him. The people filming the video are in tears laughing out loud at what they are

seeing this goat do! The man having this conversation with his goat is in tears of laughter too. The make even makes it all the more funnier

saying “Bro! You wanna fight? Yeah? “Yeah, alright. Let’s do it.” Says the baby goat. The man replies back “It’s not worth it, it’s not worth it!

And the video ends with the baby goat blowing a whip of its loud voice with its tongue out when the owner lovingly says awe

“You want a kiss”!

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