Millennials don’t deserve a bad rap

We’ve all heard of the young adult section of our population that we lovingly call Millennials.  The Millennials are people that were born between 1981-1996 and make up the young adult sector of the world.  There has been so much rhetoric about the Millennials being lazy, rude, self-centered, pampered, and even entitled.  Stereotypes have been around since the beginning of time, but I’m not really sure they’re ever too accurate.  Perhaps the stereotypes point out the worst cases of a group and not the general composition of that group.

When I was growing up (baby boomer) I remember the older generations saying the same stuff about my generation.  People don’t like change and tend to look at it with a very discerning and critical mindset.  I think that over the generations, we have basically stayed the same.  There are good people and bad.   All groups are more diverse than is generally given credit for.  The Millennials are too, they have people that are caring and kind, and those that are mean and hateful.  For today, let’s focus on one that is caring and kind.

Louis Jordan lives in Texas where it gets scorching hot in the summer.  Louis was waiting to pick up his mom from work in Houston.  It was a sweltering day and he noticed an elderly woman sitting in a wheelchair waiting for her ride.  She had no shade to shield her from the hot sun and Louis felt enough compassion for her to do something about it.  He took an umbrella out of the trunk of his car and went to hold it over her for shade.  The woman was absolutely delighted and started talking to Louis and telling him how grateful she was to him.

His mom came out from work and saw her son helping the elderly woman.  Her heart was full and she snapped a picture of him doing his good deed.  She posted the picture to social media and to her surprise, and Louis’, it went viral.  Before he knew it, he was in a landslide of attention from people who were commending him on his great act of kindness.  Louis was a humble young man and was taken aback by all of the flattery that he received.  To him, this was nothing extraordinary.  To help someone in need was is what all people should do.

Louis and the elderly woman formed a bond that day.  They still keep in touch and she will be forever grateful for having met this young man and to have him continue to be in her life.   I like to think that people are mostly good and that a few bad apples ruin it for the whole bunch.  Before generalizing or stereotyping any group of people, perhaps we can remember Louis and how different he is than what has been touted of the Millennials.