A Mini Guide To Self Respect

Far too many lacks self respect these days, and as a direct result, they aren’t leading fulfilled lives. Self respect needs to be taught at an early age in our

children so they can grow into sustaining adults who value themselves for who they are, and allow no one to step over their boundaries. People who inhibit

high standards of self respect do not lower their standards for anyone or anything. Self respect is everything!

Below, see my Mini Guide To Self Respect and start living a life filled with dignity and respect for who and what you stand for.


  1. To have respect for yourself, you need to have a realistic sense of your strengths as well as your weaknesses. You live by your values, you create your standards of what is acceptable to you and you don’t allow others to disrespect your boundaries.
  2. In order to gain self respect within yourself, you must accept yourself for who you are and where you are in your life, and beyond that; you are accepting of all your imperfections.
  3. We are all humans; we are all entitled to be treated with such respect to ourselves as well as to others. Nobody is better or worse than the other and everyone is deserving of respect and kindness. We continually show respect towards others and we truly care about fairness and equality.
  4. Regardless of what we might face in life, the ups and the downs of it all, we never lower our standards of the respect within us. We are strong and we will survive anything and everything that we might face in life.
  5. When you inhibit self respect within yourself, you are truly a genuine person and you are the first to admit to your faults and are quick to apologize when you know that you were in the wrong or have caused hurt or pain towards another.
  6. People, who exhibit high levels of self respect are always worthy, even in circumstances that we might lack knowledge, experience and or ability.
  7. We continually strive to make ourselves feel good. We treat our bodies with the utmost respect. We take care of our daily needs, we live stress free lives. When you respect your body this is a huge factor of self respect.
  8. We cut ties with negativity and toxic relationships because we can’t live a positive life when we are surrounded with negativity. We only keep company with those who value our beliefs, our standards, boundaries and our goals.
  9. When you believe in yourself, you learn to love yourself and as a result respecting yourself falls directly in place. We carry high levels of confidence within us, we continue to strive for greatness and we simply don’t settle for less.
  10. Honesty is a true sign of respect. When we become honest with you, we learn what is good for us and what is not. We quickly learn to compromise on what matters most to us. We also are honest with others and quickly learn honesty is the best way to go.


The more we learn about who we are, the more we learn to respect what we desire in life and what we value. Self discovery plays a huge role when learning

self respect as it teaches us to overcome unspoken fears of our past or even the uncertainty of our futures. We must learn to know who we truly are and

what matters most to us in order to have love and respect for yourself.


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