Mom finds Pitbull dragging baby by diaper after house goes up in flames

  • Dog saves baby from fire

Children and dogs often are not a good match.  There are aggressive breeds of dogs that are considered even less a good match than others.  Pitbull breeds have a reputation for being particularly harmful and some insurance companies won’t insure your house if you have one.  But one mom has her pet pit bull to thank for saving her and her baby’s lives.

Latana Chai will gladly share her praises of her family pet with anyone who wants to hear.  Her Pitbull is an 8 month old puppy, Sasha, and she is described as gentle and loving by the family. Latana also has a 7 month old baby girl named Masailah. Funny enough, Masailah and Sasha are about the same age and the same size. They have been fast friends, sleeping and bathing together.

One Saturday night, close to midnight, Lantana heard Sasha barking madly and scratching at the back door.  The barking was alarming and didn’t sound like the dog’s normal bark.

“I heard like, a loud bang and I was like, ‘what’s going on?’ I heard Sasha crying and she kept jumping at the door. As soon as I got to the door, she runs in and starts barking,” Latana said, according to Kare 11.

She hurried to the back door and when she opened it she saw her neighbor’s house was on fire with flames and black smoke pouring out from the inside.  The flames were quickly spreading over to Lantana’s house. What Sasha did next is now being hailed by animal lovers all over the world.

Latana ran upstairs for Masailah, but Sasha was already well on her way. Latana watched in awe how the family pit bull bit into the baby’s diaper and dragged her out of danger.

The family credits Sasha’s early warning barks for keeping them safe.  At that time, Lantana could quickly go about removing the rest of her family from the house. If not for the alarming barking waking Lantana up and her helping to get the baby out of the house, this story could have ended in a horrible tragedy. 


Thank goodness that Lantana and her family were blessed with this gentle creature that so many people find to be menacing.  Happy family, happy dog, happy ending.