Mother finds a surprise in the trunk of a stranger’s car after selling her dead son’s crib to him.

There is a special bond that forms when a mother becomes pregnant. 

A heart beating within you, a body growing and moving, a love forms that cannot be measured easily in words. Many mothers have had

the unfortunate experience of having a miscarriage.  It is a devastating, yet private, event that is all too common.  It takes place within

the mother and is a private loss for the mother that other people have a hard time understanding.

Valerie Watts is one of the mothers that suffered such a miscarriage, only hers was even worse than most.  Most miscarriages take place within

the first three months of pregnancy; Valerie was nine months along when her baby died inside of her.

She was completely prepared to have her son and bring him home.  Just a few days before her delivery date she noticed that the baby’s

movement had stopped.  She went to her doctor only to discover that her son, Noah, had died.  She was turned instantly into a grieving parent

and was forced to face the reality of life without him, instead of the life she was ready for.

Valerie had kept her son’s room undisturbed for over a year, not being able to face what had happened.  She finally decided that it was time to

take care of the room and to have a garage sale.  She took Noah’s crib out of his room to sale.

An elderly couple asked about the crib and the man thought it would be perfect for their needs.  He loaded it into their car while his wife stayed

behind and spoke with Valerie for a while.  Valerie explained why she had the crib and told the woman what had happened to her baby.

The man knew nothing of its history until the drive home.  He had naturally assumed that the crib was used and the child had outgrown it.

This was the last item of Noah’s that Valerie had held on to.

The elderly man, Gerald, was disturbed by Valerie’s story and it consumed him for several days until he came up with a brilliant idea.

He decided that the mourning mother should have the crib back and in her home to have a piece of her son who had perished.  He decided

to transform the crib into a different piece of furniture.

A week after the garage sale, Gerald drove back over to Valerie’s house and asked her to come look in his trunk.  Gerald had restructured the crib,

and sad reminder, into a bench style chair that Valerie could have in her house as a beautiful tribute to her son.  As she realized what Gerald had

done she started to cry.  What a magnificent gesture of kindness and understanding this was from a complete stranger.

The chair will be cherished forever and it will be a small piece of her son that she can hang on to.  Gerald was a blessing to Valerie, as was the chair.