Never Beg To Be Loved  

When we are loved completely, we feel it intuitively in our gut, it is not an abstract, thought or feeling; it’s concrete and evident.

When you are treated with love, your heart feels love; and what a beautiful feeling to have.

There are, at times in our lives when we feel so much love for another; but they don’t feel the same back.

Love is very unique and different; it continues to elude us no matter how much or how hard we have to work for it.

We should never chase after something that isn’t right, we should never beg; and that includes begging for love.

This can be a hard lesson for most, but I advise you to protect your heart! There is no reason to let heartbreak lead to acts of desperation.

If you truly love someone, it is natural and normal to express your feelings toward them, if they aren’t receptive to your feelings,

take that as a red flag. Don’t invest so much of your time into someone who doesn’t feel the same for you; you’re just setting yourself up for greater heartache.

It is also so important that you learn to love yourself first! If you don’t love yourself, how can you honestly love another’s soul?

Set boundaries for yourself, and what you seek in a relationship. You must also accept that you are worthy of love;

even if the person you’re in love with isn’t accepting of your feelings towards them. You need to learn that your and your life has value,

that you matter! It is important that you respect yourself and don’t become a slave to the person whom you’re trying to have a relationship with.

That isn’t love by any means!

Love is a natural state of being. You should never beg someone to love you, to be with you, to be committed to you,

and you should never have to beg for that person’s attention or affection. If he loved you to begin with, he won’t leave you and

let go of your hand. He would never let you beg for his presence and love because he’d give it to you with open arms.

Don’t ever beg, it’s demanding and degrading. If you find yourself having to beg for any relationship, it’s not worth it.

No one is worth begging for.


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