How Not to Perfectly Screw Up Your Life


Life is a treasure, and we should all reflect upon often, otherwise you are going to end up screwed up! Simply by paying close attention and even being your

own critic will save you from falling rock bottom! It’s so important to always take a step back and reflect on assessing your life and evaluating your decisions.

See my tips below on “How Not to Perfectly Screw Up Your Life!”

 1.) Every moment in your life counts! If you see yourself putting off what you could accomplish today, this is becoming a problem as it is creating a habit and

as result, you aren’t taking actions to follow your dreams! Don’t fall into this habit, like any habit, it is hard to change. Set goals and what you expect from

you everyday – and don’t let yourself down!

2.) We can’t keep playing the “victim” in life! Everyone in life starts from the bottom and works their way to the top. They are determined and goal oriented!

They aren’t complainers and they never pull the “victim” card. In all honesty, anything and everything in life is within your reach, it’s up to you how hard

you decide to hustle to reach your goals!

3.) If we fail to recognize our worth, we’re going to fall on our nose each and every time! No person is any more or less than you are! If you’re constantly

walking around feeling bad for yourself, it’s going to be difficult to rise to the top! We all are unique in our own ways and we all are gifted with special talents –

use your voice, share your talents, get noticed and you will be successful!

4.) Never settle for something that fails to make you happy! You have to live your life and what an awful feeling it would be to be unhappy throughout your

entire life! Everything we come across in life, everything we do – it’s all about choices! Find what makes you excited to wake up everyday and be proud of

what you’re doing with your life!

5.) Love can be tricky! Never fall just head over heals for someone. It truly takes years and a lot of time to get to know someone to see if you are actually compatible!

In the beginning it’s new, it’s exciting! Take time, never rush into anything! You have your whole life ahead of you so slow down and smell the roses!

6.) If you’re the type of person that feels people owe you for something or you tend to take everything for granted, please step back and evaluate yourself. Again,

we can never compare to anyone else. If you’re jealous because someone is more successful than you, well they started exactly where you are! Nobody

owes you anything in life, except yourself – never forget that!

7.) Friendships are so very special to us and we hold them close to our hearts. It is necessary in life that we recognize who is on our side, who is going

to be there for us through thick and thin. If you are holding onto relationships, whether friends, significant others, spouses or even family members who

truly don’t treasure you, it’s time to sever those ties. As hurtful as it might be, it must be done. If someone doesn’t treasure you as a person, or care

about your values, they truly are not of any benefit to remain in your life. They will hurt you, lie, use and cheat. Nobody needs this! Standup for you,

be brave and stand firm to your words!




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