Nurse Films Adorable Moment Of Tiny Newborn Clinging To Moms Face And Refuses To Let Go

Any mother can easily relate to the excitement of pregnancy, and leading up to the most magical moments of labor and delivery

of your precious little bundle of joy. Nothing compares to being able to see and hold your baby for the first time after those long 9

months of pregnancy. The emotions for the mother during these exciting moments are so exciting, unique; there really are no words to

describe the pure joy.

Earlier this year in Brazil, Brenda went into labor with her daughter Agata. Brenda, who delivered by C-Section, was very adamant

in wanting those most intimate moments of skin to skin contact with her baby immediately following her birth. Due to medication,

she was not able to hold her newborn in her arms, so the nurses placed Agata right on Brenda’s chest. The connection and bonding of mother and

baby was immediate and beautiful. The attending Doctors and Nurses were astonished by Agata and her instant desire to stay right there with Mom.

Many have said that the bonding time after C-Section birth isn’t as special as normal delivery; watch the video of this miraculous moment unfold

before your eyes, it is sure to melt your heart! Brenda and Agatas video has gone viral, and proves the connection and bond is immediate and just

as touching regardless of C-Section or normal delivery birth.

Shortly there after the bonding time with mom and baby, nurses went to take Agata from Brenda to wash her up and weigh her.

In the video below you will see Agata refusing to be removed from her Mothers side as she is clenching her mothers face and not wanting to let go.

Baby Agata continues to cling to her Mom and even opens her precious little eyes and smiles for the camera.




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