Ohio Boy Gave Up His Xbox Gift from His Grandma To Buy Blankets for The Homeless


Nine year old Mikah Frye from Beachwood, Ohio has the biggest heart for such a young child! His grandmother was getting ready to buy him an

X-Box for Christmas, when Mikah interjected and said he’d rather his Grandma use the $300 to buy blankets for the homeless!


Mikah and his family have fallen on hard times in the past, and his family was homeless for some time. He remembers that sometimes in the homeless

shelter, there weren’t enough blankets to go around. He also recalls that when he was lucky enough to get a blanket to cover up with for the night,

the hardest part was having to give it back to the shelter the next morning. He didn’t want others to have to experiences the same feelings that he endured

as a young child, and it was important to him that the homeless people were able to keep “their” blanket!

Grandma granted his wishes and with a proud heart went and purchased $300 worth of blankets. Mikah attached a hand made note to each blanket and

personally went to the homeless shelter to donate them. Can you imagine being 9 years old and passing up on a Xbox for Christmas? This young man

defiantly has a heart of pure gold!

Later that week, once Microsoft heard about this story on the news, the Microsoft Company were so touched by his act of generosity, that they contacted

his parents and set up a surprise to meet Mikah at the mall while he was visiting Santa, where they presented him with his very own Xbox and beyond

that they loaded him up with accessories and even multiple games for the Xbox that he sacrificed to help the homeless during Christmas.

For only being 9 years old, Mikah truly knows that Christmas is so much more about giving than receiving! If only we all could lead by this little

boys example!


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