Parents Smile For Camera With Newborn Triplets. Take A Close Look At The Babies’ Faces…

Aaron and Rachel Halbert learned that Rachel wasn’t able to bare children and the quickly leaned to adoption. They have always both been pro-life as they both highly agreed this was the better alternative to abortion.

The Halbert’s we head strong they wanted to adopt, and beyond that they knew they  did not want to adopt a Caucasian child, they felt strongly as Caucasian children are adopted more that children of color and they desired to welcome this children into their loving arms and home.

The decision was made and Aaron and Rachel adopted two African American children, a sweet little boy and a special little girl from an adoption center in Mississippi.

Of course, the Halbert’s did get some racism and curious stares from family and friends, but that didn’t matter, they had the perfect little family of their dreams and they didn’t plan on adopting any more children.

Not long after, the Halbert’s learned of a program called National Embryo Donation Center. This is a unique program where the take embryos that would either be destroyed or donated to science and they give them to Christian centers where they are adopted out and actually implanted into mothers who are unable to conceive children.

Of course, the Halbert’s agreed to adopt two more children to their loving family! They again chose two African American embryos and Rachel got implanted with great success!

During this time, Aaron and Rachel were on a fulltime missionary and living in Honduras. Six weeks after implant, the Halbert’s went to the hospital for checkup and ultrasound.

The Doctors seemed stunned and continually asked Rachel how many embryos were implanted? Rachel insisted there was only two! At that time, the Doctors informed the Halbert’s that one of the embryos had split, and they were expecting triplets!

Naturally, the news came as a shock to Aaron and Rachel, they we’re both filled with joy with the blessings God presented to them.

The Halbert’s were showered with love and outpouring of support from friends and family. Their dreams came true, although they might not look like the average family, they are so blessed and thankful for the special gifts that God has given them. Their family portrait defiantly has a hint of heaven!


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