This Photo Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Defiantly Teach Us All A Great Lesson  


Recently, famous Arnold Schwarzenegger bizarre photo stunned the internet and social media of him sleeping under his famous bronze statue

and noted “How times have changed”…

When Arnold was Governor of California, he had a hotel inaugurated with his buff bodybuilding statue out front. Hotel manager promised Arnold

that he would be welcomed as a valued guest at anytime, with all accommodations.

Once Arnold stepped down from Governor and went to check into the hotel, the hotel manager quickly turned him down and demanded that he

would have to pay to stay, just as any other guest would to stay in the luxury hotel.

Arnold wanted to teach the world a great message. So he went and got his sleeping bag, and slept outside the hotel, in front of his famous statue.

The message from Arnold is never let your position go to your head, because you are truly no different than anyone else. Once you lose your

position, people don’t treat you the same as they once did in the past. When Arnold was Governor, the hotel manager would always reach out to

Arnold and compliment him on his successes, but once he was no longer Governor, their relationship quickly ended.

Regardless of your position, the amount of money you make, the car you drive or the house you live in, even your degree of education, these

things don’t matter because once you lose a title, or your power, your value to others changes very quickly. You were once respected and looked

up to, and now people don’t want to give you a minute of their time. You aren’t always who you think you will be, jobs end – nothing lasts forever!





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