Pitbull mix saves two women from a domestic abuser who had beaten and tied them up

An abusive relationship isn’t something anyone wishes for or ever dreamed of, but whenever we found ourselves in such situations, speak up!

In many cases of domestic violence, I have witnessed, the cases are prolonged because the victims refused to speak up and keep denying such inhumane treatment.

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This was the case of the friend of a woman who explained their story on a social media platform.s she said that her friend was in an abusive relationship, and refused to come in terms with the stark reality. When she decided to leave the relationship, things got too violent.

On another occasion, he was beating her; she managed to get away from him and drove to my house which wasn’t that far so that she will be safe.

The abusive sociopath followed her to my house, and we were no match for him. He started beating us and all I could feel wasn’t hurt physically; I couldn’t explain, I was leaving my body mentally.

Credit: Love What Matters

I felt all hope was lost, but my sweet camie, my pit/ lab mix saved me. She is a sweet goofy dog, who can’t hurt a fly, but she singlehandedly dealt with this guy. She tore off his face and bought time for my dad who immediately came in and called the cops.

Turned out this isn’t the first guy’s assault, he was put behind bars. Camie got few bruises but she’s doing well; she might not remember in a few years time, but I will never forget what she did for me and my friend. 

A dog is a man’s best friend, and they are heroes. They understand our plight even without us talking; Camie was in the right place and she saved the day.