Planning and Hosting a Successful Thanksgiving Day Feast

With Thanksgiving Day being just weeks away, now is the perfect time to plan ahead for a successful and stress free gathering with your family!

We all know how overwhelming it can be to plan, shop and prepare for our family gathering. This guide I’ve created will help pull off the perfect Turkey

Day with your friends and family – without the added stress! Here are my tips for Planning and Hosting a Successful Thanksgiving Day Feast!

Two Weeks Before


  • Determine how many guests you will be serving and always plan for more to come as people might invite friends, this way you will be sure to have enough food for all guests.
  • Plan your menu. Select your main dishes, appetizers, side dishes and desserts. Now is also the right time to decide what type of turkey you’ll be serving. Most people typically buy frozen turkey from their local grocery store, however some prefer fresh, if you’re ordering fresh, now is the time to preorder, and schedule pickup for the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving.


One Week Before

  • Start getting organized preparing your lists for the grocery for all items you’ll need to prepare your dinner. Lists make this task easier, so you don’t forget certain items that you’ll need.
  • Plan your table setting; make sure your tablecloths and napkins are clean.
  • Arrange your seating chart, make place cards if desired.
  • Clean house and place appropriate decorations.


The Monday Before

  • Grocery shop for all your nonperishable food items.
  • Defrost your Turkey (if frozen)
  • If you really want to get ahead of yourself, arrange your table centerpiece, set table.
  • Clean wine glasses if you’re serving wine.


The Tuesday Before

  • Pre make your pie dough – this is a huge time saver!
  • Make up your cranberry sauce.
  • Prepare your stuffing by cutting your up your bread cubes and place in zip lock bags.

The Wednesday Before

  • Chop all your vegetables, place in bowls and cover with plastic wrap & place in fridge – this is another huge time saver!
  • Prepare your pies.
  • Prep your appetizers.
  • If you’re cooking a fresh turkey, pick it up today!
  • Prepare any of your side dishes that can be prepared ahead of time,
  • Make your last trip to the grocery store to pick up salad greens, seafood and bread(s).

Thanksgiving Day

  • In the morning, remove your turkey from fridge and allow it to come to room temperature. Prepare per packaging instructions.
  • Prepare your stuffing,
  • Prepare your appetizers.
  • Peel your mashed potatoes.
  • Chill your wines and cocktails/ drinks.


Thanksgiving Day is a time to spend with your family and friends. Planning, preparing, and hosting the huge event can become overwhelming and stressful!

If you follow the guideline above, this will ensure a smooth meal and enjoyable time for all members who are celebrating with you. So relax, you’ve got this

and we wish you a blessed day with your loved ones!

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