Pregnant waitress charges police officer $8.75 for lunch but his remark has her running to boss in tears

Anyone that has ever worked as a server will know exactly how physically demanding the job can be, never mind the extra work to get tips. Well then imagine doing it while nearly 8 months pregnant.

Courtney English, 23, is eight months pregnant with her first child. To prepare for the birth she waits tables at the Lamp Post Diner in New Jersey. Th waitress struggles to pay the bills while preparing for her newborn.

While she works her shift, she serves a local police officer with the usual smile on her face, as she carries her unborn child. His total bill comes to $8.75, but is left Courtney in tears with something he wrote on the bill.

The waitress is trying to save as much money as possible prior to the birth of her daughter. “She’s a tough little girl,” Courtney’s dad Brian Cadigan remarks.

One busy Friday, English happened to serve a new face among her tables of regulars: a local Voorhees County police officer. The officer arrived for lunch and the pair engaged in some casual conversation.

After his meal, he went to the counter to pay then left the restaurant, his bill came to $8.75. However he didn’t just leave the usual payment with customary tip. He wrote a note on his bill which has made headlines across the country.

‘It was from the heart’. The Voorhees police officer left a message for her on his receipt: “Enjoy ur 1st. You will never forget it.” He also left her $100 tip for his $8.75 check.

“It was from the heart. It really touched her,” dad Brian said. “There have been plenty of situations where she got a nice tip, but just the little remark was what got her.”

An overwhelmed Courtney ran to her boss crying. Her father decided to share her story on Facebook. Many were moved by this kind-hearted gesture the story went viral.

Take a look at the video below for more details on this story: