Pure Testimony of Love Between Young Man With Down syndrome and His Father Makes Beautiful and Hear Touching Reunion At Airport

We share love for one another in so many ways, whether it’s a card in the mail, a simple phone call or a heartfelt hug.

We learn the true meaning of love through our upbringing with our family, our friends and even our co workers. We can all agree that

the most beautiful form of love is that of pure love.


This beautiful video shows pure love in it’s finest. The video attached her was shared by Matt Cobrink’s sister; Matt is a young man who

has Down Syndrome. In this video, you will see the heartwarming welcome of Matt’s father who has been away from the family for five days.

Matt’s sister knew that he would be overwhelmed upon seeing his dad as they waited his arrival at the airport.

The outpouring of Matt’s love towards his father is the most beautiful form of giving back that all his father has given him throughout the years.

Matt and his dad have always been close; his dad has always supported him and stood by his side through everything his son has endured in his life.

This is a beautiful bond build upon trust, love and upmost respect for both father and son.

One cannot give love if they’ve never received it, showing you love someone is not hard to do! Love is show affection, being there for one another,

lifting each other up in hard times and creating memories together that last a lifetime. In today’s world, pure true love is hard to find.

So many people today mistake material things for love; this is mostly true in the younger generation. Being there for one another and spending quality

time with friends and family is what it is all about.

This precious family truly exhibits what true love means. Macy shared this video on social media to show others that love is so simple to share

amongst each other. Malcolm is a stand out family man and has done an outstanding job supporting his family during the highs and lows that life brings.

This video clearly shows that regardless of a disability, you are able to give and receive love just as any others can.