Raising Happy and Healthy Children

Nobody ever said parenting was easy, because it’s not! I’m sure there are all times that we’ve all dealt with our child being defiant or even disrespectful.

We can lean ways to parent our children more effectively and in turn, Raising Happy and Healthy Children

As parents, we all have one main goal in common; we strive to raise our children to be happy and healthy. As parents, we’ll never feel more blessed than

when we see out children blossoming through their lives. Every parent/ child relationship is precious and most unique. Below I’ll share tips on how to

effectively Raising Happy and Healthy Children.

1.) Kids need to stay active and be able to explore and get fresh air! It is recommended that children get at most 60 minutes of physical activity daily.

Allow for trips to the park, enroll your child in swimming lessons, and sign them up for a sport. They will cherish these memories spent as a family for their

entire lives. Keeping kids physically active improves their strength and endurance, reduces anxiety and stress, and increases self esteem. Kids love to be active!

2.) We should always lead by the example that we’d want our children to follow. It is important that we as parents establish healthy lifestyles and habits that

will last our children a lifetime. Instilling healthy lifestyles is eating healthy, taking care of our bodies and learning about self respect and teaching boundaries

at a young age will only ensure successful children as they continue to learn and grow,

3.) As mentioned above, get your children involved into sports, and be active with their “team”. This is so important at a young age as it teaches the children

socialization, companionship, cooperation as well as leaderships skills that will last a lifetime. Beyond that, keeping your child active reduces the risk of

childhood obesity, physical activity increases their cardiovascular healthy and promotes strong bones and muscles. Participating in sports also increases self

confidence levels. As parents we can become involved with the team by helping with events and be their best “cheerleader!”

4.)  I’ve always taught my children at a young age the value of volunteering. This can be done in numerous ways, your local food bank, animal shelters,

church events etc. By volunteering, we inspire our children to believe in themselves as well as others. It also teaches them about respect and kindness,

and having an open heart; all these attributes will guide our children through their lives with positive and healthy relationships.

5.) It is so essential that we are continually communicating with our children, especially important from birth forward. Communication with infants instills

seeds of trust and a connection. This also helps children relate with others as they learn to relish the joy of language.

6.) As parents, it is also that we focus on our own happiness, our self satisfaction will continually radiate through all that we do. Your personal happiness

matters to your child.

7.) We should never keep our children in a “bubble of happiness” there will be times that our children will complain, throw a fit because they didn’t get their way.

It is important that we don’t give into their demands. Allow them to feel their emotions. Children need to experience emotions in order to understand and

develop resilience.

8.) Just like with the benefits of involving our children in sports, we should encourage hobbies as well. When your child discovers they are good at something,

encourage them as this boosts their self confidence and inspires their young minds.

9.) Allow you child to make choices for themselves, we can always guide them, however giving them the opportunity to make some simple choices teaches

them about believing in themselves and they’ll also learn to feel confident with their choices made. Simple examples are picking out their clothes, giving options

for breakfast and allowing them to choose for themselves.


Following the above tips will assure successful happy and healthy children. Our children are such special gifts and they deserve to be loved unconditionally and

guided through life.




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