Self Love “ The Art Of Loving Yourself ”

A happy and fulfilled life is a goal that we should all strive to reach. When it comes to living a complete life;

what are the steps we need to accomplish such goals? Simply Love Yourself; for everything that you are.

The art of loving yourself is accepting all your faults, all your mistakes, respecting yourself and forgiving yourself totally.

Once you start learning forgiveness and get into touch with your inner most being, you will live a happy and fulfilled life.

In order to Love Yourself, you have to learn to let go of past mishaps, failures, wrongs and the like.

You need to get in touch with your feelings and deal with them at the surface; rather than abandon and ignore them.

This is very important as many people fail to do; which in turn this leads to judging yourself,

blaming others for your problems and even worse turning to addictions to numb your feelings.

If we learn to deal with our problems, by being mindful and honest with ourselves; we learn to forgive ourselves.

Beyond forgiveness, you must learn to respect yourself! Respect your body, respect your surroundings, and respect your thoughts.

Do what is good for you. Don’t let others take advantage of the good person you are.

Be worthy of yourself. Respect yourself in your personal life as well as your work life. Speak up for your values and beliefs

. Learn to relate more on what people want form you than what you actually want for yourself. Teach people how

to treat you by deciding what you will and will not accept. Be strong, be courageous; stand up for you!

Respecting yourself also includes self care and how you treat your body. Self care goes beyond a daily shower and normal daily grooming!

Taking care of you is such a positive thing. Allow yourself 3 square meals, get those 8 hours of sleep, exercise, have alone time.

All these things put you in touch with yourself; your inner spirit. Get connected with yourself and learn to grow from within.

Treat your body with care; don’t allow people to take advantage of you. Don’t do things to yourself that are bad for you.

Negative substances cause negative thoughts and lead to a negative life and it’s a downward spiral. Self love and self care go hand and hand.

Pay more attention to yourself, what your dreams are, and go for it! You are powerful to accomplish anything and

everything you set your mind to accomplish.  Learn to be accepting of your flaws, hug (yes hug) your faults!

Strive to accept your dark side for what it is and dismiss its bad influence. The person you strive to be is already inside you!

When you learn to deal with struggles of everyday life, on the surface, as they arise; you will become a more confidant

person as a whole; which in turn leads to a well lived happy life. Once you get to the place of being where deep inner peace

is achieved and through admitting your faults and learning from them, you will be more open, cheerful and empathic.

Learning to love yourself will bring happiness not only to you, but to all those that are close to you as well.

Once you learn to love yourself, you’ll be able to love others more authentically and isn’t that a beautiful thing!?


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