Self Love is The Ultimate Key to Happiness In Your Life

Are You Blocking Happiness From Yourself?

 If we are not careful and we fail to pay attention, unconsciously you can be blocking happiness in your life. It is so easy to fall into poor habits.

Everything we need to live a fulfilling and satisfying life is already within us. Falling into poor habits is so simple to do and as a direct result, you

find yourself unhappy with your life. Read my tips below “Are You Blocking Happiness In Your Life?”

 1.) Do you love yourself? In order to ever find true happiness in your life, you must love yourself! When you love yourself, you stand firm to your values and your boundaries. You know what makes you tick. You accept yourself just as you are, there are no judgments, there is no self doubt, there are no excuses and there are no exceptions. Once you find what makes you tick, you learn to stay focused in your own lane, you find happiness from with in your values and as a result, you’re always circling back to self love. This is so detrimental to true happiness in your life!

2.)  If you are a complainer, it needs to stop! Life isn’t designed to be easy, you will be faced with challenges – there’s no way around this! When you complain, you are focusing all your attention to the source of the problem. You attention is followed by your energy. Energy actually creates your life! We need to try as hard as possible to hold onto positive energy! Complaining simply magnifies your problem and makes the problem seem so out of control. Simply learning to practice gratitude will ensure happiness in your heart!

3.)  If you are the type of person whom refuses to admit your faults, and place blame to others, it is important to understand that when you fail to live up to your faults and place blame onto others, you actually are giving your power away! Learning to be an honest person and looking at things in a different perspective will always give you ownership to faults and increase happiness within!

4.) If you are someone that feels you constantly have to look 100% prior to leaving the house, this is a problem! This also goes back to self love – you accept yourself for who you are at the present moment! You should not every be concerned about what others think of you, as their thoughts or opinions will never, ever define you! You truly look best simply by being you!

If you fail to ignore what is good for you mentally as well as physically, you must reevaluate yourself (and again this goes back to self love!) If we have poor habits, whether drinking, drugs or whatever it might be, these habits will never achieve happiness in your life! When we exercise and actually care about our bodies, this is what brings us back to happiness!

6.) If you fail to move forward in life because of fears, we need to get out of our comfort zone, experience new things that can bring you joy and you escape your fears. Learn to be brave and act upon what you want to achieve in your life. When we learn to be courageous, fear is diminished and happiness is the ultimate result!

7.)  Time is of the essence; get this in your head! You might always think you’ve got time to do it later, not true – do it now! Tomorrow is never promised, live for today; learn to live in the moment as every moment in living counts! Make it your goal every morning to actually seize the day – this causes happiness in your life!

8.)  We all have dreams about what we want our future to be, in order to achieve our dreams, you must manifest them into your life –daily! Living inside your daydream, is like living in a bubble! Make plans, set some goals and chase them! When you accomplish goals, happiness happens!

9.) We are living in the present time; our past mishaps need to stay where they lay – in the past! We can never change it, but we can grow from the lesson and make the best choices for a positive tomorrow! When we learn to forgive our self, (again, this is self love) we learn to release the control we are allowing it to carry into our present lives. We don’t need control over the past as it is done. We need our control more than ever now to create the future of our dreams.

10.) Toxic relationships are simple that “TOXIC” they will get you nowhere quick! Relationships hold such a strong presence over us, making healthy relationships that actually support your dreams and aspirations are truly what life is all about! You see when you find yourself running with wrong crowd, you will get pulled down a dark path and it is going to be pure hell rising to the top again! This again circles back to self love! If you truly loved yourself, your values wouldn’t allow this to happen!

If you can see, in my tips above, everything we do in life ultimately is revolving around self love and learning how to love you! You will find as you venture away from your values and you find yourself making poor choices in your life, you will find yourself down, depressed, you will feel sluggish, hopeless and sad! I cannot stress enough the importance of loving yourself – this is the ultimate path to life!

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